Vans & Reefers

We offer a variety of dry vans and refrigerated trailers to meet your various transportation needs. Our fleet is CARB compliant, meaning we are up-to-date with the latest equipment to help maximize fuel efficiency, while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. All of our trailers are air-ride equipped, and many of them are spread axles to maximize the payload for the customer. We specialize in the wine industry, but are certainly not limited to it. With an average net weight capacity of 45K lbs in the state of California, and 63K lbs in the states of Oregon and Washington, we can handle it all.

We have the capability to transport wine barrels full and empty, glass, case goods, anything a winery needs moved.

We have the capacity for full truckload and LTL freight. With over a dozen years in the business, we have developed the contacts to match your LTL freight with others, getting you the best possible service at a fair and reasonable price.

Our bobtail truck with lift gate provides superior service to customers that are in need of partial truck deliveries/pickups, and may not have a full loading dock or easy access with a larger truck.

We offer driver assist; we are more than willing to assist you in getting freight off the truck.

Dry Vans are available in 28’, 48’ and 53’ lengths to meet the loads that not only are looking for maximum space, but also deliveries to those businesses with limited access.

Refrigerated trucks are available to move anything that needs to be protected from the heat as well as the cold, including winegrapes in micro bins during the harvest season.

Our fleet includes more than 30 dry vans, giving us the ability to preload trailers and provide the most cost-efficient rates.